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Carrosserie Centrum Hoogstraten

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Body shops often struggle with a negative image due to the fact that damage to your car is an unpleasent experience. To break this negative spiral, we brightened up the website and social media of Carrosserie Centrum Hoogstraten with fun testimonial videos, videos of the company itself and videos concerning employer branding to attract the right employees.

The Project 

A lot of body shops are good at what they do, but they have a hard time selling it. Carrosserie Centrum Hoogstraten already had a great website, but realised they could make a difference with their presence on social media.

Nobody likes accidents or damage to their care. But if it does occur, Carrosserie Centrum Hoogstraten is the place to be. This young, driven company makes sure you’re mobile again in no time and handles insurance efficiently.

Daan Aerts Carrosserie Centrum Hoogstraten

Stigo Digital Agency is responsible for our digital marketing and delivers results. We invest €1075 a month (+ Google Ads budget) and get a ROI of at least 300% back. We receive ongoing requests through AdWords and our socials perform great as well.

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I dare you to look up ‘bodywork’. The advertisement of Carrosserie Centrum Hoogstraten is the first advertisement you will come across. Obviously, we measure everything we do. We noticed a remarkable increase in the number of visitors to their website since they started investing in Google AdWords, Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads to attract more customers.

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