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The goal: more employees, online presence and leads.


Belgian rebels, that’s what they call themselves.

We see Amista as a successful consultancy company, specialised in SAP solutions to help businesses with their daily processes.

There was nothing wrong with their website. What they missed, was presence on social media. We tackled this by increasing their visibility on LinkedIn and Facebook, by updating their blog and by collaborating on employer branding.

A caffeine-fueled conversation…

Amista wanted to position themselves positively as an employer as well. That’s why we talked to some of their employees on camera during their coffee break to learn more about who they are, what their hobbies are and why they love working at Amista.

Infotainment works

Amista saw the number of fans on LinkedIn increase from 147 to 580 and on Facebook from 0 to 130. Those fans all saw the fun, caffeine-powered videos. Amista noticed a strong growth in the number of applications to their vacancies. They even receive spontaneous applications now!

Michiel Weemaes CEO Weemaes Glas bv

Open and clear communication and most importantly with great RESULTS.

Google Ads

The number of visitors on their website increased with 25%. Logical, because we made sure Amista appears at the top of the search results in Google when someone looks up relevant keywords. Due to the relevant content – such as the blog – and a good follow-up of these visitors, Amista already managed to win five extra customers.

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