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The next furniture SMB

Converting Webshop

People – young and old – live with their phones, laptop and tablet within reach 24/7. Are they looking for furniture? You can be sure of the fact that the internet is their first source of information. Your company has to be present in the world of your customers. With a webshop, you generate requests and sales every day. With the right approach you can earn more money by doing less work.

Attracting Profitable Customers

Having a webshop in itself does not result in profit. You generate online sales by increasing the visibility of your webshop. To achieve online visibility, you can advertise online. Digital agencies like ours, create ads to reach your ideal customer with the right message at the right time. This way you not only increase the number of website visitors, you also sell more through your webshop.

Keep track of your results

Of course you want to know what your webshop and advertisements yield. We can show you this by presenting hard figures. Find out how many people visit your webshop, how many people make a purchase, how people end up on your webshop,… Digital agencies like ours use that information to optimize your digital advertisements and thus achieve more sales.

Putting words into action

We create a webshop and advertisements, but that’s not all. We create a brand that is omnipresent. Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or e-mail: your webshop will be promoted on every channel your ideal customer is active on. Psychology and technology are equally important when making advertisements for your webshop. By combining those two we ensure a maximum of visitors. Don’t just take our word for it, believe us based on what our customers say about us.

Michiel Weemaes CEO Weemaes Glas bv

Open and clear communication and most importantly with great RESULTS.

Daan Aerts Carrosserie Centrum Hoogstraten

Stigo Digital Agency is responsible for our digital marketing and delivers results. We invest €1075 a month (+ Google Ads budget) and get a ROI of at least 300% back. We receive ongoing requests through AdWords and our socials perform great as well.

Clara De Boeck

Reach the full potential of your webshop

Make an appointment with Clara and discover how you can increase your online sales. The conversation will take place via Skype and takes about 30 minutes of your time. Together we discover how you generate profit with a strong online presence. Time to join forces and draw up our plan of action for your company.

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