However, it does not stop at formatting and sending your mail, it is important to follow up the results of your mailings. How many people have viewed your mail A, B or C? Which layout performs best? Which topics are popular? What do people click on?

At Stigo we work with personalized mail flows. The frequency is less important, we focus on the content value you send to your target group. We keep your leads warm and make sure they get the right content at the right time. We personalize your marketing messages.

Concretely, we provide you with a few tools and set up mailing campaigns according to the best practices: connection to your CRM system, ideal alternation between text and images, clear call-to-action, personalized messages, target group segmentation based on interests, correct application of opt-in and privacy rules,….

Some examples for the use of Mail Marketing are: a birthday email with discount code, monthly newsletters, promotional campaigns, surveys, contest actions,…