From reaching cold leads to retargeting via marketing automation, at Stigo we go 100% for online marketing.

We map out your business goals and apply the most appropriate tactics to convince your target groups and give you a competitive advantage. We continuously analyze and optimize campaigns so that we approach your target audience in the most ideal way.

Interesting and strong content is tremendously important for the success of your business, but if this content doesn’t reach your potential customers or target group, it’s more of a waste of marketing budget and time. To increase your brand awareness we will sponsor (advertise) your messages to a specific target audience. Your content will be picked up by people who are interested in it and are therefore inclined to follow your page, like/sharing your messages or visit your website in order for them to become customers.


Targeted ads that drive your business forward. Go for better online results with Google Ads.

Life is so much easier since we can use the number one search engine 24/7: Google! That’s why make sure your products or services are invariably found when your target audience wants to make a purchase. Because what are you doing with a nice website if you are not found online by the right audience? We help you with this by setting up personalized ads that lead prospects to your website. In this way you will reach your target group better and faster, which results in more sales.

Google is the way to reach potential customers. Nowadays almost everyone does online research before contacting or completing a purchase. Through Google Ads you will appear at the top of Google’s search results and you can convince potential customers during the decision making process. The ads can be text messages, banners as well as (moving) images. By using display ads and SEA you guarantee a strong presence.

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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Through Facebook Business we bring both your Facebook and Instagram business page together. We connect them so your ads can easily be shown on both channels and your pages can be found more easily.

Both channels can be used for several purposes: contact your target group, lead people to your website, increase brand awareness, attract potential employees, etc. Through all kinds of parameters you decide in which region, to which age category,… your campaign will be shown.

Depending on your customers, products and goals, we will look at which options are ideal for you and help you create smart ads!


Undoubtedly the network channel par excellence. LinkedIn is a professional networking site which makes it extremely interesting for entrepreneurs.

For B2B companies this channel is very valuable.


With video ads on YouTube, you’re going to reach out to potential customers and encourage them to take action when they search for or watch videos. The advantage of these ads is that you only pay when people actually show interest. The advertising cost is very low compared to other channels, so you can get a lot of impressions at a limited cost.